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Breath of Fire Stamps
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A Breath of Fire Stamps community.
Welcome to the Breath of Fire stamping community! Yes, it's a community where you fill out a survey and other people tell you which character from the Breath of Fire series you sound most like, then you get a lovely stamp to proudly display somewhere on your LJ, and in turn, you can tell other people what Breath of Fire character they sound most like. Isn't it wonderful?

Check out an example stamp, or take a look at the possible characters. Then fill out the survey and see what character you're most like.

Here are some rules! Don't worry, they're quite easy to follow, I promise :-)

Be nice! If you have a problem with another member, take it up with them privately. Don't turn the community into a flamefest.

Rate other people! Just imagine that you spend all that time filling out the survey and you post it and you wait days and days before someone bothers to respond. I realize that we all (theoretically) have social lives, but it really doesn't take that long to read something over and see what character they sound most like.

Please feel free to have a different opinion than other people :-)

If you don't like your result, please wait at least one week before reapplying. There's no limit on reapplying.

Please bold your votes, type somewhat normally, and keep your vote to two characters (if it's a Ryu or a Nina, please specify which game).

You don't have to put anything specific in the LJ cut or the subject line :-)

Post your survey under an LJ cut, please - we don't want to murder everyone's friends pages.

You'll be stamped after a week, or 10 votes, whichever comes first.

Have fun!

Stamped Members
Updated: 6/11/08

If you have a problem, please feel free to contact dauthi, she'll get back to you ASAP.

And now...the most important item.....the survey! Highlight it, copy it, paste it, fill it out, and sit back :-D

(comment there to affiliate with us!)

Check out stamping_comms.